Dry Eye

The dry eye syndrome is a condition associated with reduced production or accelerated evaporation of tears, or abnormal ratio of the components of the tear film. The dry eye syndrome may be the result of both a systemic disease, and pure ocular pathology.

What are the causes for the dry eye syndrome?

  • ageing
  • menopause
  • contraceptives
  • systemic autoimmune diseases
  • administration of a broad spectrum of drugs
  • hypovitaminose
  • eye trauma
  • burns
  • use of contact lenses
  • inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea
  • nervous disorder
  • and others

Methods of Treatment

Methods vary depending on the severity of the condition: use of artificial tears, gels, moisturizing chambers. In the most severe cases are implanted synthetic shutters of the tear ducts in order to preserve the few self-produced natural tear.